If you’ve seen our apartment, you know that we have a “gallery wall” of family pictures above our TV console. As much as I love looking at our smiling mugs all day, I’ve been jones-ing for a change. So, after Elodie painted her masterpiece, I had a hard time deciding what to do with said work of art. I finally decided that I could trade out a few of the family pictures and replace them with parts of her painting. Easy and free DIY art swap-out.

Excuse these pictures because the lighting in our apartment is crappy & these pics were taken at night.

Our Gallery Wall

So I decided which two pictures I wanted to swap out (the ones I choose are from the big empty spaces in the picture above). I took the pictures out & layed down the “matting” (aka white paper) to figure out what part of Elodie’s picture I wanted to frame. It was hard to pick, of course, because it was all so beautiful!

The parts of the painting I decided on using

Then I just cut out around the “matting” and framed it.

I couldn’t get a good picture of the two frames back up on the gallery wall, but just imagine that it looks great!

I need to keep an eye out for fun things I can use to swap out a few of the other family pictures. I love our family, but I need some spice in my life every once in a while.

So if you’re looking for some FREE DIY art, if you don’t have a child’s work to frame, Elodie can surely paint you something!



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