Chris finished up his first semester of grad school classes today, with one final left on Monday. Monday evening we’re heading to Nashville, TN to spend a night with my sister’s family. Then, we’re making the long journey up north for some family time in NY and beach + family time at the Jersey Shore. Super excited to sit on the beach, spend time with family, and get our Jersey Shore GTL, t-shirt time & fist-pumping on (Jersey Shore, anyone?)

Here’s what we’ve all been up to lately:

Swimming with Daddy

Back to school shopping. Can you tell we’re teachers?

Coloring with markers, or her “marks”

Breaking in our new (fitted) running shoes, aka our magic shoes

Children’s museum with Jessie & Rebecca

Story time with friends



Music Class

Can’t wait for our vacation! Please forgive me in advance for the lack of blogging while we’re gone, but look forward to TONS of fun pictures when we get home! We need to soak up as much sun & family time as possible during our last few weeks of summer.



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