Foody Friday: Southwestern Chopped Chicken Salad

This week I made a recipe for Southwestern Chopped Chicken Salad. This was another perfect one for our family: veggies that Chris would actually eat, chicken & delicious homemade southwestern ranch dressing.

I changed a few of the ingredients around, not by choice, more or less by accident, but it turned out fine!

  • Rather than tomatoes (I cut them up for Elodie for dinner the night before bc I forgot I needed them…whoops), I just used salsa
  • Rather than green onions, I used a regular onion–miscommunication at the grocery store
  • I chose to make it sans avocado, but added some pre-made guacamole to my serving–Chris doesn’t like avocado/guacamole

It was a pretty easy recipe too!

It was another recipe where you have to cook the chicken ahead of time, but no big deal. Once you cook the chicken, just chop the veggies & mix everything in a bowl.

After everything is in mixed up, before you add the dressing, this is where I’d do something differently the next time.

Dressing–made with greek yogurt

I’d either half the recipe (just for Chris + Me + Elodie), or else I’d only add the dressing to each individual portion. We only ate half the salad for dinner, so the next day it was a bit too soggy after sitting in the dressing all night.

Hope you enjoy!



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