Lately: iPhone Photos

Here’s what we’ve been up to since coming home from our vacation.

I made 2 skirts using this tutorial. They were so easy & I made both skirts in less than 2 hours for about $10 each.

Shorter skirt #1

Longer skirt #2

Both skirts

Chris went back to work Wednesday, so I kept Elodie home with me one last day before we thought we needed to send her to her babysitters & get back in the groove. We had a fun day together.

Our usual hang out spot: the park

Elodie “taking a picture” of herself & saying ‘cheeese’

Being a little goof

When we sent Elodie back to her babysitters, I spent my last couple of days off getting a long a workout in, cleaning the house, running some errands and hanging out with my BFF for lunch and some shopping.

What I was planning on being a 3 mile run, turned into a 6.5 mile run/hike/walk because the trail I chose went on much longer than I was anticipating.. and then I had to turn around.

Elodie cuddling with mama after her first day back at her babysitters. We missed each other.

We spent some time with my mom. Chris and I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises (which was AMAZING, by the way–I was really skeptical & didn’t want to see it), while Elodie hung out with her Gigi.

My mom gave Elodie an empty make-up container & she loved “putting” make-up all over her face. Diva girl 🙂

Finally, this weekend we ran some last-minute errands as we prepare for our students to come back to school. I go back this week, FULL TIME, by the way (as opposed to my half-time status last year). Elodie and I had some fun this afternoon before my schedule goes crazy like daddy’s.

Master bowler

This was our delicious dinner tonight. Check back on Foody Friday for the recipe.

Summer is officially over for us! I can promise that our blog will not be updated nearly as often as it has been this summer. I’ll try and keep some updates going on a regular-once-a-week basis, but we’ll see. I love back to school time & I’m super excited to get back in my room & plan for my students. Brand new curriculum for both Chris and I this year, so it should be interesting.



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