Lately: iPhone Photos

It’s that time again… time for my iPhone pics (+ some of daddy’s). Sorry for the lack of blogging–the first week of school is one of the craziest, so we’ve been trying to survive!

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Chris and Elodie came to my classroom to help me hang something before school started.

The Other Miss Watson–Elodie sitting in my desk chair @ work

My Favorite Student 🙂

My Classroom, all ready for the kiddos.

Needless to say after just a week of 4 classes a day with around 30 students in each, my room looks far less neat now. You can’t even tell that I have 35 desks in my room, can ya? This is much improved from what it looked like a few weeks ago during pre-planning.

Our lives haven’t entirely been revolving around work.

Daddy + daughter = love

Elodie trying on Gigi’s different shoes & cheesing for the camera


Yesterday, we went to one of Elodie’s friends Elmo themed 2nd birthday party. They had a little inflatable bounce house and the kiddos had a blast. We’re so fortunate to have such sweet, fun parents & babies to share all these fun times with. Finding our babysitter & getting to know all these wonderful people was a wonderful blessing!

2nd Birthday Party Present

The birthday girl & Elodie taking their shoes off so they can bounce in the bounce house

One of the kiddos that used to go to Elodie’s babysitter, who is now in Kindergarten

Some of the kiddos bouncing

He’s so handsome.. he & Elodie would make a cute couple. She likes younger men 🙂

Having Fun

Bday Girl & her daddy

Saying bye to a friend

My Party Favor from the Bday Party!

Have a great week!



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