Elodie has been taking gymnastics classes at GAA since June. Our former babysitter works there & one of my friends from work takes her kids there for parent/tot classes. We thought we’d give it a try and we’re super glad we did! At first, Elodie didn’t love it; she wandered off and cried when we tried to get her to do what she was supposed to be doing. We took a few weeks off for our road trip up north, and started back 2 or 3 weeks ago. This time around, she’s doing great! We love the parent/tot aspect of it, because we can run around and enjoy everything with her.

Her class takes place in a real, GIANT gymnastics gym. There are dozens (maybe a dozen… probably closer to 2 dozen) of other classes going on of all ages/genders/and skill levels. Her class is 45 minutes long and is broken up into three 15 minute stations. The first two stations are usually in the back corner of the gym, in a little kid-friendly area, and the last 15 minutes is spent on two giant trampolines and a foam pit! Needless to say, the last 15 minutes are our favorite.

Her teacher is so wonderful and Elodie loves her! I’m hoping when she moves up to the next class, to a non a parent-tot class, I’m hoping she can stay with the same teacher.

Here’s the first station from the other night:

Elodie hanging on the bar. Her second favorite thing to do.

Climbing up a “rock” wall

Sliding down the other side of the rock wall

Walking on the balance beam

Hopping from color to color with daddy

The second station is in the little room in the back corner:

The room with some of the other kiddos

Jumping & Climbing

Elodie swinging with her teacher

And the last station is our favorite with the trampolines and foam pit. Gigi even came to visit for the last little bit of class this week.

Foam Pit

…we all fall down

More foam pit fun

Then it’s all over! Time for hand sanitizer & stamps.

All the kiddos gathered around for their stamps

We’re really hoping Elodie enjoys this for years to come! If you can find something like this in your area, I really recommend it!



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