Weekend with the Williams’

My sister, brother-in-law and nephew came into town for a couple of days this week. They were on fall break from school, and since we were not, our time with them was short! It’s always fun to see them and we haven’t since our road trip up north over the summer. Their little sweet boy, Josiah, is almost 6 months old & getting so big! Elodie loved him and my mom loved having all her babies and grandbabies together! Fun family time 🙂

FYI: this post has a ton of pictures!! Cuteness overload!

Friday night we had dinner at my moms and caught up.

Elodie reading a book to her baby cousin

Happy baby & aunt together again

Sweet cousins

Precious baby boy

Saturday we headed out to Cagles Family Farm, which is about a half hour north of where we live. We wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather and have some fall fun, and this was the perfect place to do both. The main attraction is a 3-mile corn maze (which is supposedly the largest corn maze in the world), and since none of us had ever done a corn maze before, we knew we had to check this one out.

There was lots to do prior to going through the corn maze. And, of course, Elodie had to check out every last thing. The first couple of things we did before going through the maze was check out some pumpkins, play in a corn kernel pit, ride a pony made from old tires, and bounce!

Elodie thinks she may want this pumpkin..

..or maybe this one

She really can’t decide which one she wants…

Josiah has the life


$0.50 per lb for pumpkins. How much is Josiah worth?

Corn kernel pit


Bouncing with daddy

Little cowgirl

Going for a ride with Gigi


Now that we got all that out of the way, it was time for the corn maze. There were two “phases” to the corn maze: phase 1 & 2. Phase 1 was shorter, but once we got through the first phase no time, we needed to do the longer one too. There were signs posted throughout with random trivia facts on them; if you knew the trivia answer, it told you which way to go through the maze. Even though we knew most of the answers, we still had fun wandering around & getting lost.

Everyone pre-corn maze


Phase 1: the shorter maze. We did both Phase 1 & 2

Elodie is leading the way

“Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far, far far away”

Signs posted throughout the maze with trivia questions to help guide your way

Elodie going for a ride through the maze

Trying to find the correct route through the corn maze

Handsome hubs 🙂

We made it through both mazes with out getting too lost, but it was definitely fun walking around in circles at times. Put this on your fall to-do list. This place also has a haunted barn in the evenings & I’ve heard the corn maze is especially fun at night too, so even if you have no babies, it might be worth checking out.

Our last stop at Cagles was the hayride/farm tour. This was my least favorite part, but now we know not to worry about it next time.

Hay Ride

Cow milkin’ time–something fun after the hay ride

Before we left Chris and I bought some pumpkins and we headed back home. Fun morning! If you do live in the area, Cagles is a fun place to check out, with or without kiddos. We will certainly be returning with Elodie.

Unfortunately, the Williams’ had to leave this evening to get back to Nashville. We had a great time with them and are excited to see them again soon!

Gigi is soaking up every last second of her Josiah loving before they headed back to Nashville

Hope you’re enjoying fall!



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