“Whoooo” turned 2

We celebrated Elodie’s 2nd birthday last weekend at a local park we love. We didn’t get a ton of great pictures, because we were too busy having fun. Here are a few shots from Elodie’s “‘Whoo’ is turning two” party.

The birthday girl, running around

Crazy girl

Table set up

Thanksgiving tables cloths that the kids could color on

More table set-up

GIANT cupcake cake

Elodie in her owl shirt, made by Aunt Jessie

All the kiddos playing in rocks

Sisters hanging out

Daddy + Elodie

Presents + Friends

Elodie + some friends from her babysitter’s

Philip + Raya

The Dashevsky’s

The birthday girl, while everyone is singing to her

Brandie, Cambria, Grandpa & Grandma

Uninteresting in opening presents

More presents

Gigi + Josiah

Aunt Allison + Josiah

Cousin Josiah

Elodie pushing her cousin on the swings

Thanks everyone for coming out! Our little princess had a great day!

And just for fun… here’s a picture from last year’s birthday party at the same park:

Snapshot from last year

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I’ll be back soon with some updates from this week with the grandparents!



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