3 more days of school & we can breathe and enjoy some holiday time with our family! Until then.. I haven’t had time to write about anything exciting. I have lots of posts I need to write, so check back over Christmas break!

In the meantime, I’ll post a ton of videos we’ve taken & I haven’t shared.

From her birthday: everyone singing to the birthday girl

Elodie using a “magic wand” & saying “abracadabra!” I really don’t know where she learned this from, but my guess is an episode of her favorite show, Bubble Guppies

Elodie and Grandma being silly a couple of weeks ago when she was in town

Elodie hates the vacuum, and a few mornings ago we needed to clean, but Elodie had other plans.

And the most recent: this evening we received a package in the mail from Grandma & Grandpa which contained Christmas presents. Elodie couldn’t resist opening a couple of them, so we let her have some fun. Here’s a little video of her opening a few. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa. Don’t worry, we didn’t open them all, so she still has some for Christmas morning!

Hopefully these will hold ya over until I have some free time to write some more updates!



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