My 25th Birthday: how we celebrated the world not ending.

My 25th birthday was last Friday, December 21st, 2012. This was the day that people had been talking about for years. You know, that day that the Mayan calendar predicted would be the “end of the world.” Well, that day came & went and we are all still around. So birthday celebrations were in order.

My sweet hubby planned a fun-filled evening just for my big 2-5. He secretly contacted all of our friends & made plans. We all gathered at our place around 5 for the big event. The first surprise on deck: a scavenger hunt. The 8 of us broke into 2 groups of 4 and had our 5 clues in hand to head out around town, to ultimately figure out where we were going to eat dinner. The clues led us to places around town where we spend a lot of time.

The clues for the 2 teams were in a different order, but here they are in the order our team received them. In case our friends didn’t know the answer to a clue, Chris was sure to include a QR code that you can scan with a smart phone, and it will tell you the answer. Luckily, my team had me & I knew all the answers to the clues 🙂

Clue 1:

My baby loves this department store more than Wal-Mart,

You may get caught but please don’t worry.

Take the money and hurry!

With the snack that she loves, it’s red, long and chewy

Spell the name of my love in an aisle,

Take a picture of it and save the receipt and no this is not FOOEY.

The answer was Target. Of course, 3 days before Christmas, this was probably the most difficult clue. Target was crazy busy, but we got it done!

Our Twizzlers in Target

Our Twizzlers in Target

Our Twizzlers in Target

Our Twizzlers in Target

Clue 2:

Tis a clue that might get you a ticket.

You will each need to take a picture with it.

Not to fast now, you hear.

You must find a sign with the age of my dear.

25 mph sign

25 mph sign

25th birthday scavenger hunt

25th birthday scavenger hunt

25th birthday scavenger hunt

Clue 3:

Rumble, Rumble, Rumble,

This one can make you tumble.

Find the place where Elodie rolls, bounces and tumbles.

Make a human pyramid of three,

Do this and you shall make Ashley very happy.

~*Take a picture of the sign and pyramid*~

The answer to this one was the place where Elodie does gymnastics: GAA. This was one of those clues where it was handy to have me around because nobody, other than Chris and I, knew the answer to this one, and Chris wasn’t giving answers. You’re welcome, team 🙂

3 Person pyramid

3 Person pyramid

Clue 4:

Ashley has school spirit,

She wants everyone to hear it.

Go to the place where Ashley molds young minds,

Be creative in a cheer of any kind,

Points will be awarded to the video that is the best.

Hurry now there are only a few more clues left.

Another one where it was nice to have me around. This answer was the school where I work. While our team was quick, they weren’t the best cheerleaders. The second team won this one 🙂 (These videos were taken on cell phone cameras at night, so they are hard to see… but the words are funny if you feel like watching. The 2nd team uses bad words, so don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂)

And Clue 5:

Hurricane Katrina may have been bad,

But you should not be sad.

For this clue lead you to the feast

Its Acworth’s yummy New Orleans Cajun eats.

We knew the answer to this one immediately, one of our favorite restaurants: Henry’s.

Since our team won, and we had some time to kill before our reservation, we hung out & took some pictures.

25th birthday scavenger hunt

The winners! (plus Ben taking the pic)

Jessie + Me

Jessie + Me

Riding in the sleigh

Riding in the sleigh

Santa, Mrs. Claus & and elf

Santa, Mrs. Claus & and elf

Once everyone else got there, we walked down the street to the Oak Barrel & had some wine while we waited.

Drinking some wine

Drinking some wine

And then we went over to the restaurant and hung out a little while longer.

25th birthday scavenger hunt

We met the owner of the restaurant. One of the reasons we love this place is because he walks around & chats with everyone.

Photo Dec 22, 8 38 44 PM

And finally we ate.


During dinner, Chris had some flowers delivered to the restaurant. They also gave me a birthday shot and a free dessert!

My pretty flowers


Free bread pudding

It was a great night! Thanks to everyone who came out & to my sweet husband for planning everything!

I’ll be back soon to write about Christmas!



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