Happy 2013!

Happy Twenty-Thirteen, y’all!

We had fun last night ringing in the new year with some good friends.

Me + Chris

Me + Chris

Jessie + Ben

Jessie + Ben

Me + Katie

Me + Katie

Chris + Katie

Chris + Katie

Me + Jess

Me + Jess

New Year’s Resolutions:

As I check things off my Pre-pregnancy bucket list, these are some things I want to highlight as “resolutions” for the new year

1) Buy a House: We’re in a better place to actually accomplish this one this year. So, once we get our tax refund & put that money into our down payment savings fund, we’ll probably start looking.

2) Have a baby: Nope, still not pregnant yet, but hopefully this will be the year for Baby Watson #2.

3) Run 400 miles: I was reading some blog, (I can’t remember which one) where she had a goal of running 400 miles in a year. If you calculate this, it’s about 7 miles per week. This doesn’t seem like a huge commitment per week, so I’m hoping it’s doable.

What are some resolutions you have?

Have a great new year!



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