I am really in a rut with this whole blogging thing. I’m too busy during the week to write anything and then on the weekends, we are enjoying our time together/running errands/doing stuff around our house, so I quickly run out of time then too.

Also, I suck at taking pictures.

There are a few things I have managed to capture in the past couple of weeks, so here it goes.

Elodie’s knowledge/vocabulary just grows exponentially by the day. She’s saying 3-4 word sentences (her favorite of which is “no, my do it!”),  she repeats e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g we say, she’s learning to count, she knows some letters (pretty much just O & W),  she knows almost all of her colors, and she loves “reading” books to herself.  Her favorite things to do around the house are jump on her trampoline, have a tea party, push her baby dolls around in a stroller, color, draw and paint.  She also loves Skyping with Grandma & Grandpa on the iPad.

Blow-drying her hair

Blow-drying her hair after her bath like a diva

She’s gotten so sweet with us. Every afternoon when we come home or pick her up from her babysitter’s, she runs to us & screams “mommy! daddy! miss you!” She gives the best kisses, tells us “lub you” all the time, and after a long day she cuddles up to us and says “mommy/daddy need you.” What toddler says that?! How adorable!

This is a cute video  I took the other day of her “counting.” For some reason 7 & 9 are favorites.

The weather here has been horrible. As I’m sure most people are, I am SO SICK of the cold weather. It’s been ridiculously cold (for GA) and we’ve been hiding out inside as much as possible. We went to the Children’s Museum the other weekend and finally got a membership. I’m super excited that we can go there whenever we want now for freeeeeeee. It will definitely be worth it over the summer when the weather gets miserable for another reason.. the dreaded heat. Dreaded heat + me being really preggers will not be a good combination this summer. Indoor activities will be welcomed 🙂

The Children's Museum

The Children’s Museum

The Children's Museum

dress up @ the Children’s Museum

Speaking of cold weather.. the past few days we’ve had snow flurries. Yep, it’s March… and we live in GA.. and it was snowing. What?!

Snow! On March 1!

Snow! On March 1!

A good friend of ours came into town this past weekend and we went out. I chauffeured everyone around in our awesome minivan & it was a great night.

Playing bocce ball

Playing bocce ball

In the meantime.. we’re on the hunt for a house so keep your fingers crossed! Here’s hoping we have some good news soon!



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