Easter 2013

Easter this year was pretty low-key. On Saturday we went to a local Easter Egg hunt and had a blast. They had the kids divided up into several age groups for hunting eggs. Elodie was in the 0-2 age group, so she was one of the older ones. She did so great!

Funny story: The hunt was supposed to begin at 11. At around 10:59:30, Elodie decided she really had to go potty. We asked her a few times if she really had to go, and she insisted. Chris picked her up and ran her to the potty. As soon as they left, the announcer came on and said “we’re ready to start.. I’m going to count backwards from 100..” We thought we they had plenty of time until he came back on.. “no.. I’m going to count backwards from 3, 3-2-1, GO!.” I sent my mom out to make sure she grabbed a few eggs for Elodie. Elodie and Chris came running back over shortly after and she still had plenty of time to collect those eggs. Bad timing, kiddo.

Gearing up for the hunt!

Gearing up for the hunt!

Getting started

Getting started


Love this one! She's taking this pretty serious!

Love this one! She’s taking this pretty serious!

The whole hunt lasted all of 5-10 minutes before all the eggs were gone, but Elodie still got a basket full of eggs.

It was a beautiful day, the first one in several weeks. We enjoyed getting out & celebrating the holiday for a few minutes!

Family photo. Notice the 14.5 week bump <3

Family photo. Notice the 14.5 week bump ❤

Elodie + Gigi

Elodie + Gigi

Sunday, Easter, we spent most of the day at home. I had every intention of dying eggs with Elodie, but was missing something I needed, so we never got around to that.

The Easter Bunny brought Elodie a basket full of paint & bubbles. She’s been telling me she wants the Easter Bunny to bring her paint for several weeks, so of course I had to relay her message to Mr. Bunny & luckily, he delivered.

Easter Basket

Easter Basket

Excited about her goodies

Excited about her goodies

After some paint fun/a slight green-paint-on-our-carpet incident, we met my mom & our friends Jessie & Ben for brunch. Brunch was followed by a nice, relaxing day.

Just for fun.. here are our Easter family pictures from the past 2 years. It’s so crazy to see how Elodie has grown. And next year, there’ll be another little family member to spend the holiday with!

Our family last year-2012

Our family last year-2012

Elodie's first Easter-2011

Elodie’s first Easter-2011

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!



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