Gymnastics Recital

On Mother’s Day weekend, Elodie’s gymnastics gym had a recital for the little kiddos. She  has upgraded from the parent-tot class to a big girl class all on her own, so this was the first time she could showcase all that she’s learned. All the kiddos who participated in the recital at the same time Elodie did probably were between ages 2-4, so it was kind of chaos. Cute as can be, but chaos.

Luckily, since it was Mother’s Day weekend, my sister, brother-in-law and nephew were all in town to watch Elodie’s performance!

The fan

The fam

The gym all set up

The gym all set up

The gymnasts had 3 stations in their routine: a trampoline/jumpy station, a balance beam station & a flip/roll station. Chris got videos of her at all three stations. The videos came out slightly better than the pictures. It’s hard to capture a 2 year old running around.

In these videos, Elodie is in the black leotard, black shorts & her hair is in pigtails. She’s hard to see sometimes!

I think the trampolines are Elodie’s favorite.

Elodie is usually better about walking on the balance beams by herself, but was being shy during her performance.

Right at the beginning of this video, Elodie does a perfect roll all by herself! This is rare, as usually her rolls go sideways and crazy. What a perfect time to be recording her!

Once all the gymnasts were finished, they called them all up to receive a medal. They all did a great job & deserved it!

A mother of one of the girls in Elodie’s class got all the little ladies in her class flowers. It was really thoughtful. This is the best picture we could get of the three sweet girls who’ve been in class together since last summer.

Gymnastics Cuties

Gymnastics Cuties

We are so proud of our little gymnast!

So proud of this cutie

So proud of this cutie

We love gymnastics! I’m so glad Elodie enjoys it as much as she does, because we sure love watching it. Looking forward to having a male gymnast on our hands when baby #2 arrives!



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