Thanksgiving 2013

We had a small Thanksgiving this year with just my mom, Chris and our kiddos. I didn’t feel like cooking for just us, so we ordered dinner from a local grocery store and had a very laid-back day. Chris ran a race, like last year, and picked up dinner while he was out. Elodie, Toby and my mom and I spent the morning at our house & baked cookies.


We finished decorating for Christmas. We’ve been doing it slowly but surely since I’ve been on maternity leave & Chris has been off work all week. We wanted a big tree, since we have 20-ft vaulted ceilings in our living room, so we got a beautiful 10ft tree. I’m in love.




We took some family pictures, ate dinner, and relaxed.


Hope everyone had a lovely day. Happy Thanksgiving! We have lots to be thankful for this year, so we’re feeling pretty blessed.




Here are some videos from around our house lately.

Elodie borrowed the iPad from me & was “reading” my book.

Toby loves laying on his playmat in the mornings & is becoming increasingly more chatty and smiley

We have recently been switching out our fall decor for our Christmas decor around the house. This included getting rid of our pumpkins. We got a 70-something lb pumpkin & live on a giant hill, so this was the easiest way to get it to the street.

Elodie celebrated her 3rd birthday a few weeks ago and got a microphone as one of her presents. She’s been putting on performances for us ever since.

Toby and Elodie are sort of obsessed with one another. This morning, we were spending time in Toby’s room and Elodie wanted to hop in the crib with him and read him a book. Notice how he pays such close attention to her. I’m a lucky momma.

Once we get our tree, I’ll post some pictures of our decorated house.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving all.



Halloween 2013

I’m about 2 weeks late in posting this, but better late than never, right?

Here are some scenes from our Halloween this year! My nephew, Josiah, came over to join the Watson kiddos for some Halloween fun! This was our first Halloween in our new neighborhood & it was a blast! We live in the perfect neighborhood for kiddos, minus all the hills.

Rapunzel from Tangled

Rapunzel from Tangled

Little Pea Pod

Little Pea Pod

Cute kiddos

Cute kiddos in the wagon: Rapunzel & Little Lion Man

Chillin' in the stroller

Chillin’ in the stroller

Flynn Rider & Rapunzel from Tangled

Flynn Rider & Rapunzel from Tangled

My hat that I use every year :)

My hat that I use every year 🙂

And, since we were all out with the kids trick-or-treating, we still wanted to give other kids candy too, so we left some bowls of candy & a sign a-la Parks and Rec.

If you've been to our house & seen our driveway, you know kids don't want to walk up to ring our doorbell. This was the easiest solution at the bottom of our driveway.

If you’ve been to our house & seen our driveway, you know kids don’t want to walk up to ring our doorbell. This was the easiest solution at the bottom of our driveway.

Elodie did so great with her “TRICK OR TREAT”‘s & saying “Thanks!” at every house. It was such a fun evening. Just for fun, here’s a look at last year’s Halloween.

Hope your Halloween was great!

I owe y’all some updates of our house, family & etc. Sorry!

Is anyone still reading this thing… do you want updates? 🙂