Back to Work

I’ve been back at work from my maternity leave for a week.  It was a rough week.

Reunited after our first day apart

Reunited after our first day apart

When I had Elodie, in November 2010, I didn’t start working until the following August (2011). I had 9 months home with her. I was really ready to work after 9 months at home. She wasn’t such a “baby” anymore. She was toddling around, eating solid foods & not solely depending on momma & momma’s breast milk. I stopped pumping (Elodie never nursed, so I was GLAD to stop using that dang pump). we found a wonderful in-home daycare, and was feeling good about starting my teaching career.

When I started my job, I was only part-time, teaching first and second periods. My work day was over by noon. If I was able to pick Elodie up before nap time, I had the better part of the afternoon/evening with her. I never missed anything–doctors appointment, sick days, milestones, etc. I was home for these things with her.

This time around, things are a lot different. Now, I’m working full time, Toby is an excellent nurser & I don’t HAVE to pump, and this week I already missed Toby’s second doctors appointment. He’s only 2 months old and it’s already starting. (He’s 12 lbs 13 oz, 24 inches and doing great, by the way!)

Sweet 2 month old

Sweet 2 month old

I love my job, I really do. I don’t often feel like it’s “work.” I have some really great friends at work, I love teaching math, and my students are generally pretty entertaining. I rarely dread it. I consider myself pretty lucky for feeling this way about my job, as I know most people probably don’t feel that way about where they work. However, leaving your 2-month old baby boy, no matter how much you enjoy your job, sucks. Toby has been a perfect nurser from day 1, so this is the worst part about having to leave him. This means I HAVE to pump at work, which also sucks.

The thing I miss the most

The thing I miss the most

There have been lots of tears this week. Fortunately, none from Toby. He has adjusted really well to his new schedule at our babysitters. Elodie loves having him around and he’s been perfect, according to our babysitter.

Elodie & Toby at the babysitter's

Elodie & Toby at the babysitter’s

I’m sure it will get easier, and I only have 2 weeks of work until I get 2 weeks off for Christmas break. I think I can…



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