Sibling Love

I love everything about this picture. You can’t not smile when looking at those two.


Life is good.



Elodie saw Santa (or “Grandpa” as she affectionately calls him) this week. Of course, Mommy & Daddy had to sit with her, but it makes for a cute family Christmas-y photo. Hope you all are starting to get into the Holiday Spirit!


Someone’s birthday came early this year…

We bought this for Elodie’s 2nd birthday. Rather than trying to hide it for a few weeks, we decided to just put it together today. To say she’s loving it would be an understatement. This is the perfect gift for a 2 year old! Love her. Happy early birthday, kiddo. Advertisements


Our day

This is what most of our day has looked like today. Poor baby girl has her first ear infection. She’s on antibiotics, so hopefully she’ll be back to normal by Monday. Advertisements


Hanging with some family

We’re spending some time with my sister, brother in law, and nephew this weekend. Fun babies 🙂 Advertisements


Our morning

This is what Elodie decided would be a fun thing to do this morning. This is a toy bin emptied, books, puzzles, shoes, a chair, a pony, pillows, and stuffed animals all piled up. Who knows what was going through her little head, but she spent the better part of the morning working on it, … Continue reading


Back to school

As I mentioned in the last post, Chris and I are both back to work. No students yet, but it feels good to be back! We both really do love our jobs–most of the time! This is my empty classroom. I thought I’d have to move classrooms, but I ended up getting to stay put! … Continue reading


Stone Harbor, New Jersey

We’re still away enjoying family & some sun! Here’s what our view looks like most days. That little pool is for Elodie, to keep her cool & preoccupied. The weather has been beautiful, the water chilly, the seafood delicious & the family time priceless. Be back in a few days with some longer updates! Advertisements


Our 2 year anniversary

While on our road trip from GA to Nashville, TN to NY, we stopped in Louisville, KY at a McCalister’s Deli for our romantic anniversary dinner. Hopefully we’ll do something a little fancier when we get to our destination! 🙂 Love ya, hubs! Happy anniversary!! Advertisements


Food truck park

Chris, Elodie and I met my mom at the food truck park in Atlanta today. Temperatures are in the triple digits, so while eating outside isn’t ideal, we enjoyed it! Advertisements