Last Weekend

Last weekend, because of everything going on in Connecticut, was an important weekend to spend lots of time with our loved ones. While our hearts were hurting, eyes crying, and our heads praying, we tried to enjoy ourselves.

Jessie, Katie O. and I went and saw the Atlanta Ballet perform The Nutcracker and the Fabulous Fox.

Photo Dec 14, 7 27 45 PM

I had not seen The Nutcracker, probably since I was in elementary school and we would go on field trips. It was a beautiful performance. The dancers make everything look so effortless and graceful, and of course, the music was amazing. Watching the ballet definitely made me want to put Elodie in dance, at least for a couple of years.

This was quite the treat, as we even splurged a little bit on our tickets and had really good seats. I’m definitely not going to let that much time pass before I see it again. I will also be taking Elodie to experience the beautiful Christmas Magic that is The Nutcracker.

Saturday morning is always fun, family time.

Elodie painting sans shirt. She knows if she wants to paint, that shirt comes off... She's going to have to learn not to do that before she starts school

Elodie painting sans shirt. She knows if she wants to paint, that shirt comes off… She’s going to have to learn not to do that before she starts school

Saturday night, we wanted to do a White Elephant/Dirty Santa gift exchange, so we had some friends come over with a present & food to share. I didn’t get a ton of pictures of the food or gifts, but it was a fun evening.

We made some cranberry holiday sangria, recipe here.

Cranberry Holiday Sangria

Cranberry Holiday Sangria

I made some tomato caprese skewers: grape tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil & drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette.

Photo Dec 15, 6 45 34 PM

And we ate, listened to Christmas music and exchanged gifts. Some people brought silly things like an Obama Chia pet, an ant farm, a toilet bowl coffee mug, Nerf gun & etc.

Ben modeling the ugly sweater coozie he got as a gift.

Ben modeling the ugly sweater coozie he got as a gift.

Fun times with great friends 🙂

On Sunday, we had a birthday party to attend. With 6 babies at Elodie’s babysitters + lots of other friends with kids, it seems like we are going birthday parties all the time lately.

This particular party was at a place called, Catch Air. It is an awesome place for kids, and I’d say it is geared towards those 5 and under. Parents are allowed to get on all the equipment with the kids, so I think Chris and I had just as much fun as Elodie.

A panorama shot of all the place

A panorama shot of the place

Dance party + light-up floor

Dance party + light-up floor

Mommy + Elodie posing while making our way through the GIANT play tower

Mommy + Elodie posing while making our way through the GIANT play tower

Some of the cute babies at the party

Some of the cute (blurry) babies spinning around at the party

Dora even stopped by!

Dora even stopped by!


The birthday girl!

Action Shot

Action Shot

Catch Air

Little cutie on a big chair

Little cutie on a big chair

Two cuties on a big chair "hey.. whatcha lookin' at there?!"

Two cuties on a big chair “hey.. whatcha lookin’ at there?!”

So as you can see, that place was pretty awesome! It will probably become our favorite hangout over the summer to escape those dreadfully hot temperatures.

Fun weekend in spite of everything going on around us. Please spend some extra time with your loved ones this Holiday Season!



PS: if you’ve not seen this video from The Voice the other night, please watch. It’s a tribute to those who lost their lives in the Newtown tragedy. All the coaches & contestants sing “Halleluiah,” and hold up signs with the names of the victims & their ages. Mascara alert is high for this one!! 

“Whoooo” turned 2

We celebrated Elodie’s 2nd birthday last weekend at a local park we love. We didn’t get a ton of great pictures, because we were too busy having fun. Here are a few shots from Elodie’s “‘Whoo’ is turning two” party.

The birthday girl, running around

Crazy girl

Table set up

Thanksgiving tables cloths that the kids could color on

More table set-up

GIANT cupcake cake

Elodie in her owl shirt, made by Aunt Jessie

All the kiddos playing in rocks

Sisters hanging out

Daddy + Elodie

Presents + Friends

Elodie + some friends from her babysitter’s

Philip + Raya

The Dashevsky’s

The birthday girl, while everyone is singing to her

Brandie, Cambria, Grandpa & Grandma

Uninteresting in opening presents

More presents

Gigi + Josiah

Aunt Allison + Josiah

Cousin Josiah

Elodie pushing her cousin on the swings

Thanks everyone for coming out! Our little princess had a great day!

And just for fun… here’s a picture from last year’s birthday party at the same park:

Snapshot from last year

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I’ll be back soon with some updates from this week with the grandparents!



Lately: iPhone Photos

It’s that time again… time for my iPhone pics (+ some of daddy’s). Sorry for the lack of blogging–the first week of school is one of the craziest, so we’ve been trying to survive!

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Chris and Elodie came to my classroom to help me hang something before school started.

The Other Miss Watson–Elodie sitting in my desk chair @ work

My Favorite Student 🙂

My Classroom, all ready for the kiddos.

Needless to say after just a week of 4 classes a day with around 30 students in each, my room looks far less neat now. You can’t even tell that I have 35 desks in my room, can ya? This is much improved from what it looked like a few weeks ago during pre-planning.

Our lives haven’t entirely been revolving around work.

Daddy + daughter = love

Elodie trying on Gigi’s different shoes & cheesing for the camera


Yesterday, we went to one of Elodie’s friends Elmo themed 2nd birthday party. They had a little inflatable bounce house and the kiddos had a blast. We’re so fortunate to have such sweet, fun parents & babies to share all these fun times with. Finding our babysitter & getting to know all these wonderful people was a wonderful blessing!

2nd Birthday Party Present

The birthday girl & Elodie taking their shoes off so they can bounce in the bounce house

One of the kiddos that used to go to Elodie’s babysitter, who is now in Kindergarten

Some of the kiddos bouncing

He’s so handsome.. he & Elodie would make a cute couple. She likes younger men 🙂

Having Fun

Bday Girl & her daddy

Saying bye to a friend

My Party Favor from the Bday Party!

Have a great week!