Warrior Way 5k (aka: We saw, we ran, we conquered)

This morning, Chris and I ran the 4th annual Warrior Way 5k, sponsored by my school’s cross country team. There were about 350 runners out there today, which is nothing in comparison to the Peachtree Road Race we ran over the summer, but was still fun nonetheless. This year, the race was the kick-off event to Acworth’s Love the Lake Festival.

There’s nothing like running with a bunch of high-schoolers who are on the cross country team to boost your ego about your athletic ability (cough.. sarcasm.. cough). We held our own for being a couple of old 20-somethings. The course was through downtown Acworth and was super hilly. Afterwards Chris and I both commented on how tough it was because of the hills.

He finished the race in about 22 minutes and I finished in just under 33 minutes. We left before the official results, but we think Chris finished first in his age division & I finished 2nd in mine, so that’s cool.

Post Race

We will probably run a 5k sponsored by Chris’s school later in September. No half marathon on Thanksgiving like we were planning, due to our busy schedules & lack of training time, but we may do a 10k on Thanksgiving instead. We’ll see.

Have a safe & wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Here’s to getting outside this long weekend & sweating a little bit 🙂


It’s that time of year again…

…high school football season!

Chris’s school always has a big football kick-off celebration with free dinner included, and their first home game of the season was last night. With both of us being high school teachers, we like to support our kiddos and attend such events. Since all of the parents of Elodie’s friends from her babysitter work in the same school district as Chris, it was especially fun for the babies to hang out some more.

We were all joking about how different these kiddos were the same time last year. Here’s what Elodie looked like this time last year:

Elodie @ the football kick off in 2011

Elodie and a friend last year

And this is what she looked like this year–sporting the same tshirt, probably for the last time.

Elodie cheering on the team, 2012

More cheering

Playing with friends

Elodie had a blast running around with her friends, listening to the band, watching the cheerleaders & watching a little bit of the game.

We will definitely be attending more football games this season! Especially when my school & Chris’s school play each other!