This Week

Here’s what’s been going on this week!

Another potty training update: Elodie has only had 1 accident this week. We even bought her some big girl underwear, which I’m sure are more comfortable than those plastic things she had been wearing. We are so proud of her! We are handing over the remainder of her diapers to her babysitter, who hopefully can use them on other babies. The only problem we’ve noticed is that when she’s out in public, she’s uncomfortable using the toilet with no potty seat, so she just holds it. It’s great that she’s able to do that, but we don’t want her to have to hold it & be uncomfortable. So, we ordered her a portable, travel potty seat. We haven’t gotten it yet, so we’ll see how it works! She’s growing up too fast.

Big girl underwear!

On the same note of Elodie growing up too fast, we rearranged her room this weekend. I want to get rid of her changing table, since it takes up too much room & we haven’t used it in weeks. There were other things I was getting sick of too, and we needed to clean up so we can make room for all the fun things she’s going to get for her birthday/Christmas, so we finally moved things around. We moved her bookshelf that was standing up vertically and by her door/closet over in front of her window laying horizontally, so she can reach all her toys/books and we could use the top of it to store things/get stuff up off the floor. We pushed her crib over more and put the rocking chair in the corner by her crib. We also moved the dresser to where her bookshelf used to be, and the changing table stayed in the same place. That will be easy to disassemble when we decide to either get rid of it or put it in storage. Here are some pictures to clarify what I was talking about.

We rearranged Elodie’s room

It was a much-needed change and I love it so far.

On another note, this week was homecoming week at my school. Since I teach Freshman, they don’t get too involved in spirit week so it’s up to us teachers to get them motivated! This is one of the craziest weeks because there’s so much going on: dress up days, parade/block party, pep rally, game, and dance. I didn’t go to all of these events, but we definitely did dress up & chaperone the dance.

The Freshman Academy math teacher ladies all dressed up

In addition to spending the weekend recovering from the busy week, we spent our morning at the park.

Fun times at the Park

In the meantime, between workΒ  and Chris being in school, we are planning Elodie’s 2nd Birthday Party. It’s going to be a the park again like last year on November 17–the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Come on out and join us. Invitations will be sent out soon, so let me know if you’d like one.

Have a great week!



Warrior Way 5k (aka: We saw, we ran, we conquered)

This morning, Chris and I ran the 4th annual Warrior Way 5k, sponsored by my school’s cross country team. There were about 350 runners out there today, which is nothing in comparison to the Peachtree Road Race we ran over the summer, but was still fun nonetheless. This year, the race was the kick-off event to Acworth’s Love the Lake Festival.

There’s nothing like running with a bunch of high-schoolers who are on the cross country team to boost your ego about your athletic ability (cough.. sarcasm.. cough). We held our own for being a couple of old 20-somethings. The course was through downtown Acworth and was super hilly. Afterwards Chris and I both commented on how tough it was because of the hills.

He finished the race in about 22 minutes and I finished in just under 33 minutes. We left before the official results, but we think Chris finished first in his age division & I finished 2nd in mine, so that’s cool.

Post Race

We will probably run a 5k sponsored by Chris’s school later in September. No half marathon on Thanksgiving like we were planning, due to our busy schedules & lack of training time, but we may do a 10k on Thanksgiving instead. We’ll see.

Have a safe & wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Here’s to getting outside this long weekend & sweating a little bit πŸ™‚


It’s that time of year again…

…high school football season!

Chris’s school always has a big football kick-off celebration with free dinner included, and their first home game of the season was last night. With both of us being high school teachers, we like to support our kiddos and attend such events. Since all of the parents of Elodie’s friends from her babysitter work in the same school district as Chris, it was especially fun for the babies to hang out some more.

We were all joking about how different these kiddos were the same time last year. Here’s what Elodie looked like this time last year:

Elodie @ the football kick off in 2011

Elodie and a friend last year

And this is what she looked like this year–sporting the same tshirt, probably for the last time.

Elodie cheering on the team, 2012

More cheering

Playing with friends

Elodie had a blast running around with her friends, listening to the band, watching the cheerleaders & watching a little bit of the game.

We will definitely be attending more football games this season! Especially when my school & Chris’s school play each other!



Lately: iPhone Photos

It’s that time again… time for my iPhone pics (+ some of daddy’s). Sorry for the lack of blogging–the first week of school is one of the craziest, so we’ve been trying to survive!

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Chris and Elodie came to my classroom to help me hang something before school started.

The Other Miss Watson–Elodie sitting in my desk chair @ work

My Favorite Student πŸ™‚

My Classroom, all ready for the kiddos.

Needless to say after just a week of 4 classes a day with around 30 students in each, my room looks far less neat now. You can’t even tell that I have 35 desks in my room, can ya? This is much improved from what it looked like a few weeks ago during pre-planning.

Our lives haven’t entirely been revolving around work.

Daddy + daughter = love

Elodie trying on Gigi’s different shoes & cheesing for the camera


Yesterday, we went to one of Elodie’s friends Elmo themed 2nd birthday party. They had a little inflatable bounce house and the kiddos had a blast. We’re so fortunate to have such sweet, fun parents & babies to share all these fun times with. Finding our babysitter & getting to know all these wonderful people was a wonderful blessing!

2nd Birthday Party Present

The birthday girl & Elodie taking their shoes off so they can bounce in the bounce house

One of the kiddos that used to go to Elodie’s babysitter, who is now in Kindergarten

Some of the kiddos bouncing

He’s so handsome.. he & Elodie would make a cute couple. She likes younger men πŸ™‚

Having Fun

Bday Girl & her daddy

Saying bye to a friend

My Party Favor from the Bday Party!

Have a great week!




Back to school

As I mentioned in the last post, Chris and I are both back to work. No students yet, but it feels good to be back! We both really do love our jobs–most of the time! This is my empty classroom. I thought I’d have to move classrooms, but I ended up getting to stay put! … Continue reading

Lately: iPhone Photos

Here’s what we’ve been up to since coming home from our vacation.

I made 2 skirts using this tutorial. They were so easy & I made both skirts in less than 2 hours for about $10 each.

Shorter skirt #1

Longer skirt #2

Both skirts

Chris went back to work Wednesday, so I kept Elodie home with me one last day before we thought we needed to send her to her babysitters & get back in the groove. We had a fun day together.

Our usual hang out spot: the park

Elodie “taking a picture” of herself & saying ‘cheeese’

Being a little goof

When we sent Elodie back to her babysitters, I spent my last couple of days off getting a long a workout in, cleaning the house, running some errands and hanging out with my BFF for lunch and some shopping.

What I was planning on being a 3 mile run, turned into a 6.5 mile run/hike/walk because the trail I chose went on much longer than I was anticipating.. and then I had to turn around.

Elodie cuddling with mama after her first day back at her babysitters. We missed each other.

We spent some time with my mom. Chris and IΒ finally saw The Dark Knight Rises (which was AMAZING, by the way–I was really skeptical & didn’t want to see it), while Elodie hung out with her Gigi.

My mom gave Elodie an empty make-up container & she loved “putting” make-up all over her face. Diva girl πŸ™‚

Finally, this weekend we ran some last-minute errands as we prepare for our students to come back to school. I go back this week, FULL TIME, by the way (as opposed to my half-time status last year). Elodie and I had some fun this afternoon before my schedule goes crazy like daddy’s.

Master bowler

This was our delicious dinner tonight. Check back on Foody Friday for the recipe.

Summer is officially over for us! I can promise that our blog will not be updated nearly as often as it has been this summer. I’ll try and keep some updates going on a regular-once-a-week basis, but we’ll see. I love back to school time & I’m super excited to get back in my room & plan for my students. Brand new curriculum for both Chris and I this year, so it should be interesting.