More About Toby

Our little man has been around for a little more than a week, and we are falling more in love with him each day.

Here’s a little more about our little guy.


Where did we get his name, Tobias Arthur?

With a daughter named Elodie Alene, we couldn’t name this one something common. Chris’s requirement for a name is that it’s something that can be shortened. After weeding out names that couldn’t be shortened, I still really loved the name “Toby.” Chris knew of a hockey player whose name is Tobias, but goes by Toby, so we decided on Tobias. (Side note: the hockey player mentioned played for the Atlanta Thrashers when they were around, and Chris and I frequented Thrasher’s hockey games in our early relationship, so it’s a fun little coincidence.)

Arthur is Chris’s dad’s middle name. Our options were either Arthur or Shawn, which is Chris’s middle name. I’ve always loved the name Arthur, and we even debated using that as a first name, so there was really no question about choosing it for a middle name. Elodie shares a middle name with my mom.

How is he as a newborn?

No complaints so far. He eats well, sometimes too well. He sometimes nurses for upwards of an hour. Luckily he’s always gone at least 3 hours in-between feedings, and lately and at night it’s 4 hours in between. He rarely cries, and loves being cuddled & carried. He’s a very sweet momma’s boy so far–just what I wanted in a son 🙂

Also, a little more than a week later he’s already not only gotten back up to his birth weight, but surpassed it. He was 8lb 1oz at birth and yesterday he weighed 8lbs 3oz. Big boy!


How is Elodie handling everything?

Well, Elodie is almost 3. She is very aware of what’s going on. Her tantrums have increased, especially at bedtime–which may or may not have anything to do with the new baby. She is sweet when she interacts with him, giving him kisses, talking about “her baby,” and making us whisper when he is sleeping. She also suddenly has an increased interest in momma, which she definitely did not have before. I have to put her to bed, read her extra books at bedtime, and she often wants me to help her on the potty, get snacks, etc. Whenever I’m holding/feeding Toby she asks “can you have two babies?” which means she wants to snuggle too. She also wants to be near me if I excuse myself to nurse Toby or to pump. I’m sure it will get better as she gets used to it and as Toby gets older & more interactive.

How is momma doing?

I get this question a lot. I’m glad people care about me, but I just had a baby. I’m not going to be running a marathon anytime soon, but momma is good. It cracks me up when doctors/random people tell me I need to “rest.” Even before I had Toby, I still had a 2 year old running around. Working all day in the weeks leading up to my due date + coming home to a rowdy/whiny toddler was exhausting. No resting was done before Toby, and nothing has changed since I’ve had him. Now I have a rowdy/whiny toddler & a newborn to keep track of. After you have a baby, you just kind of feel like crap.  I’m not someone who was ever a fan of being pregnant, and the postpartum stuff is just as bad, in my opinion. I’m not someone who will ever try and convince you that actually having a baby is a pleasant experience. The baby makes things a little more bearable.  🙂

I love my kids, but going through this twice is enough for me. (Please remind me of this when Toby gets older and I want another one)


How are you adjusting to your new family of 4?

The whole experience of having a second baby is totally different from having your first. From the delivery, to the hospital stay, to the pediatrician visits, everything has been exponentially more calm than it was with Elodie. I guess with non-first-time-parents, people actually think you know what you’re doing and just let you parent your kids how you want to. I remember being constantly stressed with Elodie. Everyone we spoke to gave us different advice/information. I always felt like I wasn’t making the “best” decisions and that I was being judged by professionals for not doing everything their way.

This time around, everyone just leaves us alone–in a good way. We’ve been doing things similarly to how we did when Elodie was a newborn, and will continue to do so until what we’re doing doesn’t work for Toby. Toby is already so much easier than Elodie was, so it makes our lives that much more calm this time around.

Chris and I are both excited about our new son & all the new experiences/challenges of raising a boy. We’re also slowly adjusting to our new family of 4. We’re eating in shifts, constantly doing laundry, changing baby diapers, drying tears, and getting/receiving lots of love & kisses. We’re sleepy and maybe a little grumpy on occasion, but we are very blessed.



ps: all the pictures in this post were from Toby’s newborn/family shoot by Jennifer Mills