Welcome to our new blog! We are the Watson’s: follow this blog to find out “wats” going on with us!

Who are we?

Christopher: Husband, daddy, HS math teacher, soccer player, new runner and most recently, KSU Grad Student

Ashley: Wifey, mommy, HS math teacher, novice sewer, novice runner, and the primary author of this blog

Elodie: That little one joined our family in November of 2010. She’s a chatty, curious & busy toddler!

What’s Our Story?

Christopher and Ashley met in November of 2008. Christopher was teaching HS Math and Ashley was still working on her undergrad in Secondary Mathematics Education. One of Ashley’s friends set them up on the premise that they both taught (or wanting to teach) math. Well, her friend’s hunch was right. Shortly after they met their (nerdy) relationship began!

One of our favorite date spots: Atlanta Thrasher’s Games (when they were around)

Visiting the Coca-Cola Museum

Our First Valentine’s Day together: we got hibachi, a tradition that we’ve kept every year since

My first time visiting Chris’s hometown

Christopher proposed to Ashley on March 14, 2010 (3.14… Pi day.. nerd alert!) and of course, she said yes!


From our engagement pictures

Just weeks later, they found out they were expecting a little baby Eodie, due November 19, 2010.

The couple was married a few months later on July 17, 2010.

Lovebirds ❤

They had their first baby on November 15, 2010.

Happy Birthday, Elodie Alene

The rest, as they say, is history.

We started this new blog just recently in June 2012. I realize there’s quite a gap of time there, but to summarize: we are two-math-teaching-parents doing the best we can with our sweet baby girl living in the suburbs of Atlanta.

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