It’s kind of a big deal…

Thanksgiving morning, while most people are starting to prepare their Thanksgiving meals, Chris, Jessie and I were running the Gobble Jog 10k race with 10,000 other crazy runners in Marietta.

Before the race

Me & Chris before the race

Jessie actually just started running a few months ago. She was doing a couch-to-5k training program and we had been bothering her about signing up for a race with us. Finally, we convinced her to run not just a 5k, but to double it & run the 10k with us!

Some of the other 10k-ers

Chris and I both wanted to beat our times from the Peachtree and Jessie just wanted to run the whole thing! We all accomplished our goals. Chris did the Peachtree in 51:58 and completed this one in 45:18; I did the Peachtree in 1:16:45 and I completed this on in 1:10:36; Jessie had never ran a race before and had an awesome time of 1:20:37!

If my math is correct, Chris and I both shaved 6 minutes off our time.. so that means we both shortened our time by a minute per mile! Not too shabby 🙂

Post race! We don’t even look tired

Being tough… or awkward

Go Team!

This running thing is becoming quite addictive and I’m looking for my next race already (I’m thinking this one–the 15k).

Needless to say, I think we definitely earned our Thanksgiving meal this year!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.



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