Potty Training: Part 1

Let me preface this post by saying Elodie is our first child, and this is our first attempt at potty training.. we are the opposite of experts on the subject. I’m still not even entirely convinced that she’s ready to start potty training, but I don’t hate the idea of her being out of diapers before she’s 2. Our babysitter, who has trained dozens of children, is the one who thinks she’s ready & suggested we start. So here we are. So far, it’s been relatively painless for all of us.

Sitting on the big girl potty

What are we doing exactly? Good question. The method our babysitter has used in the past is pretty much just a cold turkey no-more-diaper method. We bought her some plasticy training pants, to wear in lieu of diapers and basically just sit her on the potty every 30-45 minutes and let her sit there for as long as she wants to–usually no more than 10 minutes. The training pants are supposed to make them more aware that they wet themselves, rather than the diaper just absorbing it all and the kiddos not even noticing they used the bathroom. She wears a pull-ups at naptime & bedtime and will supposedly be in those for a while during sleepy time.

How’s it going? Well, Sunday was really the first day we started. She used the bathroom a big ol’ ZERO times on the potty on Sunday. We didn’t have big messes to clean up, because the trainer pants keep most of the mess contained. Not so successful first day, but that’s okay. Today, while she was at her babysitter’s she went THREE times on the potty! She sits on the potty for much longer over there because the other kiddos running in and out of the bathroom keep her entertained. Since she’s been home she hasn’t used her potty again, but we’ll keep trying!

Snacks & songs to keep her entertained

So now we just stick it out and wait… I’m hoping as she gets more used to using the potty she’ll start telling us when she has to go, because sitting on that potty at home is hardly her favorite thing to do.

Needless to say, we have a long way to go, so that’s why this post is “part 1.” Wish us luck!



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